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Support CHLBF In Long Beach Gives 9/23/2021


Thank you for your continued support of Community Hospital Long Beach Foundation. We are thrilled to share that this year for the first time ever we have been selected to participate in the 3rd annual Long Beach Gives on September 23, 2021.

Together, with your help, we can start celebrating the Community Hospital Long Beach Foundation’s 50th Anniversary 1972 - 2022 “Celebrating Community.” As the Foundation celebrates its 50th year it is focused on “Celebrating Community” which acknowledges the individuals and groups that contributed to the successful operation of Community Hospital over its near century of service to our city.

Save the date September 23rd on your calendar to support CHLB Foundation on Long Beach Gives! Help us spread the word! Tell your friends about Long Beach Gives by directing them to our fundraising page and sharing that you plan to donate. Inspire them with your personal connection to our organization and why they should join you in giving.

You can also become a Long Beach Gives peer fundraiser for Community Hospital Long Beach by creating your own fundraising profile for our organization. Peer Fundraising is the number one driver of donations on giving days! Contact Isabelle David at (562) 933-5973 or for more information on joining us for Long Beach Gives.

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