2nd Century Fund

2nd Century Fund

As Community Hospital Long Beach celebrates over 94 years of care, The CHLB Foundation is now focused on the future goal of ensuring that the very best health care services continue to be available to our immediate community.


In respect of this objective, the CHLB Foundation has established the “2nd Century Fund” focusing on six key initiatives to help CHLB sustain and provide high-quality health care for our community into our 2nd Century. The “2nd Century Fund” represents strategic investments the CHLB Foundation believes are necessary to the continued future and viability of CHLB.

These six key initiatives are:

  • Upgrading and renovating facilities.

  • Investing in new technology and equipment.

  • Supporting the expansion of outpatient services.

  • Engaging and educating the local community in prevention of diseases and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

  • Increasing services for our most vulnerable populations: children, seniors, behavioral health patients and traditionally underserved and underrepresented residents in our community.

  • Strengthening our volunteer base and ongoing internship programs with CSULB and Long Beach City College to support CHLB operations and identify emerging leaders for the future

As an integral part of the community, the CHLB Foundation will work cooperatively with our partners Molina, Wu, Network LLC and the City of Long Beach to promote CHLB, building awareness of programs and services as well as educating and enlightening residents about prevention of disease and maintenance of healthy lifestyles.

A strong focus on the future of CHLB and an increasingly active partnership with our local community will ultimately best serve the health care needs of our residents and businesses. A great community with strong neighborhoods and a prospering commercial sector deserves one of the most important services that any city can provide, a high quality acute care hospital.